Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Working Airtel Free Internet Tricks 2G 3G 3.5G UTMS 4G

Here we are again back with Another Airtel Superb Superfastest Proxy 
For Amazing download Speed about 800-900 KBps. 
It also Supports Resume Downloads
So we can download huge files for free or browse 
the internet in broadband speed.

I’m getting upto 7.2Mbps browsing speed with my Micromax 3G modem 
Keep Balance below then 10paisa
This tricks is working on any 2G gprs edge, 3G 3.5G UTMS
HSDPA or airtel 4G (now only at kolkata). 

Just Follow The Instruction As Given Below:-

Step by step guide to activate free internet data on Airtel:-
Proxy:- or or or or
Port:- 80
Homepage:- or or

Note- If you not getting 3G speed, you have to activate lowest 3G data plan, after your free uses you will get free 3G with Super-fast Speed. 
Your balance must below 10 Paisa, otherwise your prepaid balance will deducted by airtel for fair uses. Airtel blocking all web tricks, Enjoy this new trick before blocked.!!

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